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About Prepare Wear


About the Company

Welcome to PREPARE WEAR. Your one-stop shop for all things FUN! Whether you need something eye catching for an upcoming bachelorette, a welcome gift for your wedding, a group accessory for a birthday or just an everyday hat. We have it all. We can accommodate custom orders as well!

Our Story

Our journey began 3 years ago in a pizzeria in Claremont, CA. Two Twenty-something sisters whom had been in a fair share of weddings, realized there is an amazing market toward everything bridal. We brainstormed this great idea to sell bridal apparel and hats on Etsy. Little by little, our brand grew. We have been featured on some of the biggest wedding Instagram profiles and we are proud of all the wonderful feedback and photos we have received from our customers. Our brand is fun and fresh with the capacity to reach any age group. It represents the outgoing, free-spirited and fun-loving girl. We hope to reach many more with the launch of our website and we thank all of our supporters for making our little idea into a successful business.